The Hosta Garden was started in 2010 with the donation of plants by IPHS members and the dedication of an expandable hosta area by UI. Over the years, the hosta society has added many varieties and expanded beds that today have 190 hostas, of which there are multiple plants. Presently, there are more than 122 hostas varieties, accompanied by many shade companions, such as Chamaecyparis, Hakonechloa, Hellebore, Heuchera, Liriope, Polygonatum, Azalea, Leucojum, Picea, and Primose. In addition to the two main beds, there is an entrance bed with the society’s theme, “Hostas Garden.”
Future Site of Hosta Garden in 2010
The beds have been organized by the IPHS with an educational and aesthetics theme. The goal is to show the public how a hosta garden can be put together to give visual appeal as well as educate the public about Hostas. The Hosta of the Year plants are spread around the garden to give the public an idea of some Hostas that are easy to grow as well as available in garden centers. Botanically correct signage and labels lists the cultivar name along with if a Hosta of the Year.
First Plantings in 2011
The IPHS, with the support of the U of I Arboretum, has entered into an endowment fund program as part of the University of Illinois Foundation  to provide for the permanent care and lifetime maintenance of the Hosta Garden. Contributions to this fund are tax-deductible.
Amereican Hosta Society National Display Garden Plague
The Garden in 2016
West Bed looking South
The U of I Hosta Garden and other gardens may be visited daily from 9 AM until 6 PM. There is no admission fee.
The Illinois Prairie Hosta Society, a Champaign-Urbana area society, was formed in July 2004. Eighteen charter members met to establish a society to promote the development, and appreciation of the Genus Hosta. Today the IPHS has grown to over 120 members. The objectives and purposes of the Illinois Prairie Hosta Society are to bring together, for their mutual enjoyment, people who are interested in growing Hosta as a hobby, promoting the development of better Hosta, and encouraging wider use and appreciation of Hosta in our area.